Our Motto

To see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought- In areas of Social relevance like healthcare, education, environment and Development.



This division undertakes research and provides consultancy services in following areas:

  • - Development Administration and De-centralized Governance
  • - Social Development Projects with special reference to Community development
  • - Gender and Development- Atrocities Violence, Empowerment of Women
  • - Projects related to knowledge sharing, gap analysis, training need identification for performance improvement in service delivery for Govt officials
  • - Awareness and campaign programs / Information dissemination projects related societal capacity- building
  • - Infrastructure related projects and its impact assessment
  • - Environmental/ Ecological projects- such as impact of development on environment, climate change, health issues
  • - Healthcare related projects
  • - Educational projects
  • - Technology related projects
  • - Community development sector